About us

In 2013 the FLOFLO do-it-yourself drilling unit was nominated for the following 4 awards:

Floris de Vos is the director of the Foundation Holland Water Goes Africa. He is also the inventor of this simple water drilling unit. Technical design and realization of the FLOFLO was carried out by “’t Hekkenhuis”. This method for drilling wells is very old but little used today. The foundation established two African companies which currently implement this simple but effective method of drilling with great success.

The United Nations (UN) implemented the “Decade of Water” which runs from 2005 through to 2015. Worldwide, an estimated one billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Only half the population of Africa has the availability of clean and responsible drinking water, causing thousands of deaths every day. The goal of the UN is to reduce the drinking water shortage by 50% by 2015. Due to the efforts of the UN there is an increased awareness to the severe shortage of drinking water around the world. Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands is currently chairman of the UN Advisory Group “Water and Sanitation”, in part he inspired our foundation to set up this water project. In September 2008, the Holland Water Goes Africa Foundation was established. The Foundation has its roots in Goes and was founded in the year the city of Goes set up the “Goes Africa year”. The Foundation has therefore aptly been named “Holland Water Goes Africa”. In 2010, the Holland Water Goes Africa Foundation found that the used method was a great success and still is. Over three quarters of that year, Floris de Vos wandered through Africa in a with photo’s advertised car. The striking car full of photographs of all donors drew a lot of attention. In cooperation with two Dutch foundations, there are two African groups trained to drill and maintain water wells. The two drilling companies in Gambia and Kenya are now established and doing very well. The Kenyan group has even crossed the border and been active in Tanzania. They are now just starting at the border of Sudan for 164 wells. Because this is a huge task for them (as the initial team is small) there is a spot where they train people themselves who will be able to help them fulfill the job. This is how the knowledge about the drilling method is spread through Africa and that by itself is one of the main intended goals of the foundation.

In order to reach even more people, who have no access to healthy and safe drinking water, the FLOFLO has been developed. By spreading the FLOFLO, the local people can put themselves to work. The tower is named FLOFLO. A cheerful sounding name, by virtually any language to pronounce. The FLOFLO stands for better quality and is durable in use. The rig/derrick is simple to assemble and comes as a do-it-yourself kit, and is easy to carry. Are you interested in the history of the Holland Water Goes Africa Foundation, please visit www.hollandwatergoesafrica.com

By selling the FLOFLO the foundation is able to achieve its goals in Africa.These goals are:

  • Educating the local population to drill wells and maintain them.
  • Promoting and distributing the knowledge of drilling for clean and safe drinking water.
  • Start more water drilling companies.
  • Assisting start-ups operations