Drill Towers

Productinformation FLOFLO:

  • The FLOFLO weighs 70 Kilos.
  • The bag measurements are 120x30x30 cm.
  • The tower section is made from aluminum.
  • The drillbit is made from stainless steel.
  • A self-lubricating bearing in the pulley system.
  • The 35 meter long rope is made of a super-strong nylon.

3.000,- euro per piece.

FLOFLO is designed to help people drill for water the easy and affordable way, where and when they want or need it. FLOFLO is proven technology, a social event, in expensive, eco friendly, sustainable, educational and perfect for micro business for developing countries. FLOFLO educates people to further self-support and maintaining their own waterflow. The FLOFLO is a do-it-yourself water drilling unit. Even without the necessary knowledge and skills, it is possible to set up a FLOFLO and start drilling for water by yourself. It is the cheapest, simplest, most effective and most sustainable way to drill a well! The whole FLOFLO fits into a specially made transport bag. To support the set up and drilling, the manual is both textual and visual. By using simple drawings everybody is able to understand the process.

How does the FLOFLO work?

The FLOFLO operates on a simple principle. By employing a hoist using a three legged tower, the drill pipe (choppy) is hoisted by an attached rope. By swinging the rope the drillbit (and cutting edge) hits the ground. As a result the soil, hit by the drillbit, will split even if the soil is rocky. The bailer (Flappy) pulls out the soil. By repeating this process the well is drilled by using man power. The advantages of using the FLOFLO are many:
  • Simple: It’s easy to use, anyone can do it.
  • Effective: Both cost effective and efficient. With it’s ease of use the FLOFLO can be operated in remote regions by small teams. With it’s transportability and ease of use drilling for water in remote locations is made easier. The FLOFLO can also provide the owner with the means to starting a small business, drilling for water on locations.
  • Inexpensive: As people learn to drill and maintain the FLOFLO, they are no longer reliant on external companies to provide expensive water wells . The materials to maintain the FLOFLO can be locally sourced and are inexpensive. There are no oil or gasoline engines required as the drilling is done by manpower.
  • Sustainable: Multiple wells can be drilled with a FLOFLO. It is a reusable system allowing for relocation.
Health & Environment: With water comes life. Access to water opens up a range of possibilities for farming and irrigation which in turn provides crops and a means to make a living. The well contains a hole covered by PVC pipes. Once the well is complete water will be obtained via a pump. This is a closed system so the risk of disease is minimal. Providing clean and safe drinking water to whole communities. Below 2 examples from the manual:          

Productinformation: I`m a FLOFLO 2

  • The FLOFLO weighs 3000 Kilos.
  • The measurements are 630x250x200 cm.
  • It comes with a 4 ton winch with 300 meter cable.
  • 5kva electoral hydraulic pump, 15kva generator (diesel),
  • Aluminum toolbox, 2 bailers, 2 drillbits and 1 claycutter.
  • Maximum depth +/- 300 meters.

€45.000,- per piece

excluding TAX and transportcosts.